China has successfully developed the world’s first treatment instrument for Parkinson New Treatment



Reporter learned from the Science and Technology Department of Heilongjiang Province, “Aobo Treatment Instrument for Parkinson”, the “Eleventh Five-Year” Scientific and Technological Problem of Heilongjiang Province, has passed identification of scientific and technological achievements, which was developed by the research team led by researcher Sun Zuodong from Harbin Aobo Medical Devices Co., Ltd. The project won the national medical device product registration certificate on January 31, 2011, which marks the birth of the world’s first treatment instrument for Parkinson developed independently by our scientists, meaning there is a new way in treating Parkinson, which is the third landmark following L-dopa and the brain pacemaker during the human’s difficult course of nearly 200 years to conquer Parkinson.

Parkinson is a worldwide medical problem, there are some 400 million patients worldwide, and China has more than 200 million, with an annual increase of nearly 10 million. Currently, drug treatment can control symptoms but can not cure it, can not stop the disease development or make any improvement. Its increasingly prominent invalidation and adverse reactions cause widespread concern in the medical profession. Operation treatment mainly includes lesion treatment, deep brain stimulation and cell transplantation, The lesion treatment may cause irreversible damage to the brain, a lot of complications, and lifetime disability, which is now not advocated for use; deep brain electrical stimulation, i.e. the brain pacemaker installation, because it requires implantation of foreign bodies in the brain, which has risks, and is costly; the price is between about 12 million -26 million yuan; its surgery hospitals and patients are very limited, our country patients who underwent surgery are less than 2,000 cases; cell transplantation, which means the stereotactic brain technology is used to transplant nerve cells which can produce the dopamine, such as fetal brain or neural stem cells, is still in the exploration.

Research Group Leader Sun Zuodong, a researcher, is the founder of the “theory of brain cells activation”, who, after years of brain science research and clinical practice of basic theory, puts forward new perspectives on the treatment of Parkinson, namely: activation of dopaminergic neurons is the key to treating Parkinson, and by leading the scientific research team to apply endogenous neurotransmitter control technology and after five years of efforts, he has finally developed Aobo Treatment Instrument for Parkinson. The instrument makes a breakthrough in the limitations of reliance on drug and surgery in treating Parkinson, which is a new treatment of Parkinson filling the domestic blank.

Aobo Parkinson Treatment Instrument adopts non-intervention treatment, an independent, safe and effective means of treatment method, especially suitable for mild to moderate Parkinson patients, which can significantly improve the result caused by the tremor, rigidity, bradykinesia and other symptoms. Medical equipment includes medical type and household type. The household type, owing to its ease operation and treatment costs able to be controlled within 2 million yuan or less, is more easily accepted by patients.

It is reported that the project has been listed by the Heilongjiang provincial government as a biological engineering project in emerging strategic industries of “12th Five-Year Plan Period”, which is to be greatly supported. At present, the Aobo Company has made first-phase preparation for industrialization. The successful development and implementation of industrialization of Aobo treatment instrument for Parkinson will further promote and facilitate development and leap of medical device industry in the biological field in Heilongjiang Province and even in the country.

Introduction to the inventor Sun Zuodong, person in charge of the project research group

Sun Zuodong, born on May 1966, is researcher and member of Heilongjiang CPPCC, expert of Heilongjiang Provincial Science and Technology Advisory Board, member of Harbin academicians and experts service team, judge of the provincial Science and Technology Award, chairman of Harbin Aobo Medical Devices Co., Ltd., and president ofHeilongjiang Province President of the Asia-Europe Institute of Brain Science.

Major honors and awards received: winner of “China Youth May Fourth Medal”, the selected national person of “New Century Hundred, Thousand, Ten Thousand Talents Project”, expert  enjoying special government allowances; Heilongjiang Province Ten Outstanding Youth; winner of “Outstanding Youth Science Foundation of Heilongjiang Province”; Harbin middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions; winner of Harbin Youth Science and Technology Award; first session of “ten outstanding young elites” in Harbin; winner of “Chinese private technology entrepreneur Technology Innovation Award”; and an outstanding private technology entrepreneur in three decades of reform and opening up in China.

He has attracted the close attention of the medical profession at home and abroad in the field of repairing the nervous system and stimulating the brain potential research, has published 76 monographs on brain science, has written many brain science monograph such as “Activating the Sleeping Brain”,  “Conquer Parkinson”, “Sun Zuodong Takes you out of the Depression” and “Sun Zuodong Brain Health Program”, has given more than 400 special reports on brain science, and has received 16 patents, 2 Science and Technology Progress Awards at the provincial (ministry) level, and 2 International Invention Awards.

He has presided over and completed research projects on brain science basic theory research and prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases like the “Control technology and applications of brain peptides”, “Research and development of medical device able to repair damaged nervous system”, which were identified as key areas of priority development themes in the State Council's  “Long-term Scientific and Technological Development Plan”, having obtained support from the national, provincial and municipal funds, and thus he was listed in 2006 Major National Personnel Training Program.

Introduction to R & D Unit

Harbin Aobo Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is an innovative high-tech enterprise in Heilongjiang Province. Since its establishment in 1996, it has been committed to medical theories research and clinical practice of brain science. The brain health products applying endogenous neurotransmitters for control technology like Aobo brain rehabilitation treatment instrument, Aobo Parkinson treatment instrument, and Aobo depression treatment instrument, have become the company’s core industry. Aobo company occupies in the domestic leading position in the field of brain health,  “Aobo” has become a well-known brain health brand.

Introduction to Aobo Treatment Instrument for Parkinson

Product Structure:

Aobo Treatment Instrument for Parkinson is mainly composed of three parts like EEG simulation generator, field-effect cap, and multiplier. In the host computer, the EEG simulation generator is connected with field-effect cap and multiplier through the lead wire. Among them, the field-effect cap is directly worn on the head, with the major role in the nervous system; the treatment of multiplier part mainly acts on the head, ears, feet and other parts.

Product Mechanism:

This product applies endogenous neurotransmitter regulation technology to make transcranial magnetism form an intracranial stereo superposition alternating magnetic field, induce weak induction current at the specific part of deep brain, act on a neuron group in the key area directionally and simultaneously give consideration to the whole brain stimulation; transcranial electricity strengthens the transcranial magnetic effect when running through the neuron group at the basal substantia nigra part, disturbs and inhibits the occurrence and spreading of abnormal MEG/EEG, and can promote the recovery of brain function.

Product Efficacy:

After national drug clinical verification of two clinical bases, it is proved that the product is exact, safe and effective treatment in Parkinson, especially for mild to moderate Parkinson patients, which can significantly improve the result caused by the tremor, rigidity, bradykinesia and other symptoms. The instrument can be used for treatment twice daily, 30 minutes for each time, with more significant improvement in symptoms such as the tremor, rigidity, slow movement caused by Parkinson during the initial treatment. Over time, the effect will be gradually strengthened and stable, with the number of treatment adjusted once a day, oral dose of anti-Parkinson’s drugs can also be reduced with extension of the delayed effects, until one stops taking it; long-term use can consolidate the curative effect.

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